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The Counter-Stories Blog

Updated: Jan 16, 2020

Steve Beck is a conflict resolution specialist (and former neighbor!) who invited me to collaborate in starting his blog, Counter-Stories.

At the heart of Counter-Stories is the belief that "we live our lives in stories." The stories we tell directly impact how we live our lives and form relationships.

Writing with Steve has been a huge gift.

Our meetings over coffee continue to be a weekly highlight, as he shares what's on his mind, what amazing people he's met recently, and what he's learning in his own life.

On a professional note, it's been great to get back to interviewing. We started out writing several foundational 'thought pieces' for the blog. Now we're shifting to interviews, to share amazing stories of people who are living their lives in largely counter-cultural ways.

Without further ado...Give the Counter-Stories blog a read for Steve's inspiration and a taste of my writing. You can subscribe on his website and follow along on his Instagram (@cstevebeck).


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