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Ardmore Dog Walking

Updated: Jan 16, 2020

Michelle Kline started Ardmore Dog Walking at the same time she started her MSW in Social Work. She loved dogs. She wanted some income during grad school. She really liked the prospect of working for herself.

But ADW quickly transcended both Michelle's love of dogs and her entrepreneurial leanings. Her small business is now a fixture of a large, eclectic neighborhood. Meanwhile, ADW employs students & other individuals who are supporting their own creative pursuits.

It was important to Michelle that clients understand her services and policies at a glance. That means well-written, clear, and flawless web pages. Michelle brought me on board for a kind of website 'audit.' I took her existing pages, clarified the wording, and laid on that professional polish.

Check out Ardmore Dog Walking's website to see what I mean. And to find a lovely caretaker for your dog, cat, or guinea pig. (Just me?)


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