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How does pricing work?

Every project is different, but the process is the same:

  1. You contact me for a free consultation about your writing needs.

  2. I come back to you with a free quote (no strings attached; you can choose not to move forward.)

  3. The price is right? Let's do it.

Reach out via my contact page to get started!

How do you translate my ideas onto the page?

It may sound nontraditional, but..

You share your message with me the way that's easiest for you. Sometimes that means you send me voice memos. Sometimes you send an email full of bullet points. Sometimes we chat over a cup of coffee. The goal is to make the process of creating content easy for you so that you don't lose time, get overwhelmed, or stay stuck. It's a collaborative process, but it's tailored to whatever time and resources you have available.

I have blog posts, but I want them to be more professional - Can you help?

I'm happy to give your existing content a facelift. The good news is that an editing fee is a smaller investment that makes a major impact. 

When your blog is professionalized, it: 

  • Maximizes your site’s SEO value. (Grows your following.)

  • Provides quality material for your social media. (Pulls double duty.)

  • Fulfills your outreach mission. (Well-written, mission-enriched posts become a touchstone of motivation for you and your work.)